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This site is related to log houses and log home projects. I am a log home builder in Texas and concentrate on building authentic log homes, not using log home kits but instead building sturdy log homes using techniques invented by the pioneers. The log homes I build are for myself only and I do it as a hobby here in East Texas (Tyler Texas for those familiar with this area). I enjoy talking log homes with fellow enthusiasts and I hope to start back on my log home project when I have a little more time on my hands. As the name Tree Slayer implies I will not hesitate to cut a tree down if it will make my log home look better but the big red wood trees need to stay upright don't you agree? Old growth trees however are the tree of choice for my log homes and so I may not be a friend to some of the Tree Huggers that exist out there. That is ok because I believe the type of houses I build are what those old growth trees are for and I am not a gigantic paper mill or something cutting them down. Please feel free to comment on my site and start a discussion if you are at all interested in log homes and log house building.

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How To Build A Log House

9 02 2008

Building a log house has been said by someone to be like stacking wood. This sounds way easier then your imagination may have thought it to be. The reason some see building a log house as a difficult venture is because they picture themselves having to spend lots of money hiring machines and cranes to hoist their massive strcuture into place. The truth is that many people up in Washington state and now throughout the country have built log houses using nothing but a small amount of tools that can easily fit in the trunk of a car. I will admit many people have cheated and have rented the expensive cranes and hoisters to put their log houses together but for someone on a shoe string budget it is great to know that you can actually build a log house for much cheaper if you learn the ways of the pioneers.

There is a guy by the name of Ellsworth who is a 6th generation log home builder. His dad actually taught me how to build log houses. He lives in Washington state and his dad Skip was taught by his dad and so the story goes as each generation was taught by the other. I have my foundation done but I have had the project on the back burner as I now have a wife and little boy on the way and there is only so many things I can fit into my very busy life right now although I do see it as a fun hobby to get to every once and awhile as I have time. It will be nice to have a log house built and paid off with no mortgage going to the bank even if it takes me awhile to achieve that goal. Many people wanting to build a log house do it as a hobby and dream and I am no different. The time isn’t an issue as long as I eventually get it done. There is nothing wrong with cheating but it is fun to do it like the old timers did don’t you think?

I live in east Texas which is where my log house project is at and I plan to build once my day job slows down a little and goes on autopilot. I am not quite there yet but I am getting closer. It will be nice to get to work on it when my son is a little older and can watch and help me with it. I might have it done way before then but I am sure he will get to be a part of a future project. This site will be updated with my log house project pictures as I have them. I used to be active on the log home builder’s forum but had to take a break as my log house project was put on hold.

So How Do I Build One?

I think Skip Ellsworth or his son Ellsworth could do a much better job of teaching you the log home building trade. These are the people I learned from and they have all the shortcuts already ironed out. If you do decide to travel up to Washington state to learn how to build a log home be sure to come back here and let me know how it went. You may also feel free to ask me questions if you need help getting your own log home project going. I have loaned out my pier and beam forms for pouring a log home foundation but they are available to be loaned out again to any member of the Log Home Builders of North America.

If you would like to learn the process a good place to start is here: Log Home Builder’s Of North America

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