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This site is related to log houses and log home projects. I am a log home builder in Texas and concentrate on building authentic log homes, not using log home kits but instead building sturdy log homes using techniques invented by the pioneers. The log homes I build are for myself only and I do it as a hobby here in East Texas (Tyler Texas for those familiar with this area). I enjoy talking log homes with fellow enthusiasts and I hope to start back on my log home project when I have a little more time on my hands. As the name Tree Slayer implies I will not hesitate to cut a tree down if it will make my log home look better but the big red wood trees need to stay upright don't you agree? Old growth trees however are the tree of choice for my log homes and so I may not be a friend to some of the Tree Huggers that exist out there. That is ok because I believe the type of houses I build are what those old growth trees are for and I am not a gigantic paper mill or something cutting them down. Please feel free to comment on my site and start a discussion if you are at all interested in log homes and log house building.

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How Much Does It Cost To Build A Log House?

12 02 2008

I have learned that this question of the cost to build a log house is frequently asked and sought after. The question has many answers if you have already done your research on the internet to discover. Everyone has their particular reason and justification for why they say what they do but the reality is pretty straightforward.

A kit house being advertised in a magazine for $30,000 will actually likely cost you $130,000 after everything is installed and completed. This is a typical scenario and you are left with a log house that really is just the bare minimum of what you may be dreaming of. Most peoples dream is a log house with logs that actually look realistic. Most affordable kits have lumber that slightly resembles a log but not by much. You will not have a rock fireplace as a part of this kit as that will cost you extra. For a substantial mediocre looking kit house you might pay $80,000 for a larger sized floor plan and end up paying about $450,000 when the kit is finally completed. These numbers are very realistic as I tracked them down from real life scenarios posted on different construction forums by log kit owners who went through the whole phase of purchasing the kit to completely finishing the entire house construction process.

There are log house seminars that will teach you the basic steps to building a log house using pioneering log home construction techniques that will allow you to build an affordable log home that looks much more impressive and authentic then a kit house. The real life examples of building log homes using pioneering techniques can cut the cost dramatically. Several people have built log houses using pioneering techniques and managed to keep their total costs between $10,000 - $30,000 then to turn around and sell their house for over $100,000 in profit.

If you have been interested in learning a good log home construction technique you should go over to the North American Log Home Builders Association and have a member answer some of your initial questions. They will likely give you a few helpful things to think about in beginning your log home construction project.

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